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Priostech is IT services based website and software development company in delhi.we provide web development solutions and software   development solutions to our customer as per their requirements and approach.So far we have helped many companies and individuals by giving customized software that are easy accessible and understandable.Every client has different requirements so we look into it analyse thoroughly and then give the best results by putting our expert knowledge and hard work .we don’t believe in selling product that doesn’t fit to the requirements of our client we believe in client satisfaction.

Some of our softwares are:

CRM and Billing Software for Transporters

We, the Development team, have designed the software solution after a thorough research in the Transport Industry. Our application processes all routine transport transactions such as Job Entry, Route Payment Voucher, Hired Vehicle Billing, Fuel Management, Repair and Maintenance, Tyre and Spare Inventory Management, etc.

Being a transport company, it is very essential to optimize a business with software technology. To run a transportation business seamlessly, you should buy transport billing software, which will enable you to get the best business value and execute the transport process.

This is the right time for you to optimize  your business with software technology.

We are a leading Transport Billing Software Company in Delhi NCR that you can choose to buy transport management software to generate smart revenue.
Following Feature available in software

  • Company Profile
    • Manage your organisation details
      • address
      • logo
      • contact no and email address
      • PAN and GST

 Above information will print in your invoice

  • Party Master
    • Manage your Client /Party details
      • Code and name
      • address
      • GST details
      • GST applicable or Not
      • Detention policy container wise
  • Location
    • Manage location/city code wise
  • Vehicle
    • Manage vehicle details like code ,vehicle no and its size.
  • Driver
    • Manage driver details like address,joining date,license number etc
  • Create Job
    • Enter job details like party name, rate ,date of job ,source and destination and other charges etc.
    • auto calculation of detention days and amount based on container size
  • Invoice
    • Attach jobs into Invoice
      • option to attach jobs into single invoice based on party selected
  • Builty Management
      • Print and export
  • Print invoice
    • Print invoice as per predefined format company wise

Silent features

  • Multi company wise login
  • Records manage company wise
  • Auto calculation of Tax
  • Auto calculation of Detention days and amount
  • Print  invoice in Predefined format.
  • unlimited Reports

Software for Metal Importer

We, the Development team, have designed the software solution after a thorough research in the Import Industry.
Our application processes all routine Contract/Purchase such as Party Management, Contract /PO details, Consignment arrival  status, Debit note ,claim adjustment tracking, Bank Document etc.
If your office processes still rely on manual interventions, now is the right time to get them digital.
SEOIKAI is all about providing process automation solutions to its customers based on their business needs.

Our software has the following module and features.

·         Party Management

  • Manage party details like Name ,Address ,email, and his beneficiary account details

·         Contract Details

  • Add Edit every Import contract details like   party name, contract value, weight, advance paid, currency in and its current value, Total container, Commodity Name etc
  • Generate Purchase order
  • Track sales contract expiry
  • Auto reminder of  forthcoming contract
  • Track consignment
  • Alert Pending container

  • Invoice Raised  by Party

  • Manage Invoice raised by party ,information like invoice date,value,advance adjusted amount ,BOE ,no of container ,arrival month  ,Bank ref No ,internal file number, IHC Charges, Exchange Rate etc.

  • Raised Debit Note

  • Create and edit debit note as and when required

  • Claims
    •  Manage claims to party on various transactions if any differences come in transactions like   high or less weight as per contract.

  • Bank Document
  • Manage bank document template for Important transaction
    • Invoice against advance payment

For final payment

          Stage wise container  status

  • Manage status of Contract  in various stage

         Auto Cost Sheet

  • Cost sheet invoice/container wise
  • Auto Exchange Control Copy

Key Features

  • Keep party wise master  data
  • Interactive Dashboard for  user
  • Auto populate of information for bank document
  • Store/Retrieve pre defined document template
  • Quick information gathering from data repository
  • Data security
  • Relief from data crashing
  • Multi tasking
  • Accessible within network
  • Support multi user environment
  • Auto Cost sheet for finance department
  • Scheduler of master information shared with stakeholder via email.
  • Device responsive and many more.


We have customized purchase order software for anyone looking for software development company  in delhi.

Purchase order is a software that is used to track record of  all the purchased order made by business to customer, business to business.Basically it generates a document which have all the details like quantity, price, discounts, payment terms, shipment and terms and conditions So it gets easy for business owner to fulfil the order requirements and also act as a proof For future refrences.


If You are searching for software development company in delhi which develop order processing software then below is our software features.

Order processing is a software that helps business which provides services as well as products it ease the functioning of order in a business and gives transparency in real time to the clients that at what stage their product or service is right now.

Following are the advantages of order processing software

  1. Time saving for processing orders
  2. Less accounting work
  3. Healthy customer relations
  4. Placing of order from anywhere
  5. Transparency for customer.

Enterprise Resource Planning

In delhi, if someone looking for software development company in delhi which provides Enterprise resource planning software then below is detailed features of our software.

ERP(Enterprise resource planning) software is specially) designed for business process management of an enterprise which gives a system of integrated applications to manage the sequence of important Parts of business. The ERP system commands & integrates the business processes such as sales, purchasing, finance, planning, marketing, inventory, human resources etc. in one system.

  1. Compliance to Government, Industry and Customer standards
  2. Reduce Inventory costs
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Generates Financial and profitability reports
  6. Self Automated Excise Management
  7. Supplier and Purchase Order Management.


Delhi has very large number of schools so, any school searching for software development company in delhi which can give them customize school management software, below are the features of our software.

School Management System is a software product designed to manage day to day functions and operations of school. A School management system provides a single digital platform that combines the functions of school management in one place such as  attendance record, online homework, fee record, students data, marks updates , exam setup, date sheet and time-table scheduling  etc. online and on one GO.
1) Office Administration Management
2) Employee Management
3) Parent- teacher conversation  , Student –teacher conversation.
4) Student academics record management, Student performance evaluation  and analysis
5) Attendance record report management.
6) Payment Management
7) Stock Inventory Management
8) Teacher Management


Companies looking for software development company in delhi who provides customer relationship management software is at right place,below are the features of our CRM software

CRM(Customer Relationship management) software system is specially designed to manage company’s relations and conversations with its potential customers to help improve and grow business. A CRM(customer relationship management) system provides a wide set of applications that help to  manage customer data and customer interactions, accessed business information, automates sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, trader and partner relationship, clients, business contacts, sales leads and contract wins.


  1. Creation of new customer contacts and Review of existing customer contacts
  2. Creation of customer contact groups to help marketing team.
  3. Creation of custom contact list and fields using extensive filtering
  4. Tracking of all contact information important for organization

Lead Management

  1. Allows to manage all leads in a separate database accessed only by ADMIN
  2. Track actions on Leads

Invoice Data Analysis

  1. Records all Invoice chats
  2. Fetching of invoice Data and Analysis

Customer Interaction Management

  1. Analysis of Customer Requirements , Needs and Response.
  2. Customer Review to evaluate Customer Satisfaction.
  3. Analysis and documentation of customers  who discontinued organizations service.
  4. Proper addressal of customer queries and complaints
  5. Track activities on leads
  6. Allows to manage all leads in a separate database accessed by only one person i.e ADMIN
  7. Identificaton of honest and loyal customers

Restaurant Management System
If anyone looking for software development company in delhi,which develop software for restaurant than  he/she is at right place.
Restaurant management software is designed and customised in such a way through which software owner can get real time status of the restaurant without even present in the restaurant.they can monitor all things regarding the restaurant.
More detail features are given below take a look at it.

Interactive login
Individual login panel for different users with a user privilege facility i.e Owner, Operator Waiter and Delivery boy.

Interactive Dashboard
A dashboard which helps a user to go to a particular section to proceed i.e Table order, Take away ETC.

Table Selection Option
When a customer enters in the restaurant an operator can book a table as per the availability by checking the table booking screen.

Digital Menu Card
Interactive  menu card on tab for customer to feel like restaurant with advance facilities.

Order Form
Waiter or operator can take order by an user friendly order screen and also waiter can take order from tab as well. |

After taking order waiter or operator can send the order details directly to the kitchen department so that they can get it ready as soon as possible. This whole process is also handled by digital mode in a easily manner.

After completion of order the operator can check the total bill and can generate the bill or discounted bill whichever is applicable to the customer.

Order Summary
This is a section in software,where you can manage total sales of the restaurant for the day category wise specifically. i.e Table order, Take away and Home delivery.

Total Sales and Expenses
This section helps in day closing of the restaurant, user can update sale and expenses occur during a day.

Inventory and Stocks
This module helps to check on stock availability and what is required for the restaurant

Tax master
In tax master panel user can update the government taxes as per norms and timely changes in taxes by the government.

In this panel the admin have the authority to generate at report as per his/her requirements like Sale wise, Total Expenses, Total item sale, Total tax etc.


We are among those rare software development company in delhi which provide payroll software below are the features and specification of software.

A Payroll management system(PMS) is designed to administrate the financial records of employee’s salary, bonuses, allowances, wages, net pay, gross pay, deductions etc. and generation of pay-slips for a specific mention period. Payroll Management System generates payslip of a employee after marking his/her attendance, Company given/allowed holidays  & calculating the required EPF, taxes and ESIC.

    • The detailed salary record of all the employees of organization
    • Report Generation in all the Formats like PDF, XLS , DOC
    • Maintenance of allowances, Deductions, Loans, Savings and Arrears details for the employees
    • Generation of Pay-In-Slip through the calculation of salary
    • Leave Report, PF Reports , challan Reports , Monthly Salary Report ,  Salary summary
    • Generate all the Reports related to Branch, Department, employee, attendance, payroll, bonus etc
    • Manage Employee Information Efficiently including Job title, title,  probationary periods, reporting lines, and holiday entitlement
    • Payroll Adjustments
    • Define the incentives, deductions, leave, tax etc
    • Export of Reports in various formats.
    • Generation of salary slip after calculation of various deductions, taxes ,bonuses and incentives
    • Multiple Search Facility
    • Payroll History
    • Online Payslip generation and Invoice management
    • Complaint management

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